01 December 2016


Got this banger in the mail from my pal Søren last week...I was chuffed that he thought of me, since we've been out of touch for some time, but I was floored when I popped it in the deck. Full throttle, maximum intensity hardcore, and his vocals are perhaps even more intense than they were in THE NOW DENIAL (note: we met in 2003 when ARTIMUS PYLE and THE NOW DENIAL shared a couple of weeks in Europe, and this seems an appropriate time to remind you that 2007's Mundane Lullaby is as close to perfect modern hardcore record as you will ever find). I suppose it wouldn't be far off to say that ERFURT70 is a logical musical progression, but the power here is worth far more than a casual "yeah, sounds like the dude's old band" and tracks like "Knees" just explode out of the deck. Check the guitars on "Rutsche" and then get ready for the mosh that drops at 0:51. Oh yeah. 

Physical copies from the nice folks at Sabotage Records, a label I recommend visiting  and supporting....and not just because they released records by my band(s). 

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