26 December 2016


On the 2009 MALACHI European tour we rolled up to a frigid show in Stuttgart (it was January, every show was frigid) to find that we were the only band on the bill....and we were early. When you have time to kill and an empty room to use...things happen. Marek (INSUICIETY, MÖNSTER, many more) was on tour with us, and that fool hits the drums real good, so we started a band with him on drums, me on bass and John and Dathan playing guitar. No vocals...we figured that we would just figure that part out at the last minute. The "last minute" turned into drafting a stranger who wandered in from the bar as we were using our soundcheck time to create our new band. Dude ran through it once and then it was showtime. Four songs, probably not more than eight riffs total, and I bet at least three of them are just open E. We named the band HELVETE-something-or-other, that I remembered translating to "HELLTRAIN," but it was a long time ago and the beginning of the tape is tough to make out. Six minutes total, including in intermission that was apparently us just hanging out on the stage as if there was no one in the room. Interested labels get in touch.

John and I did the same thing with a different drummer/roadie at an ill-attended ARTIMUS PYLE gig in Cesena, Italy in 2003. Would love a copy of that set, because Jensen was a mean ass front man..

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kingpossum said...

Way cool. Impromptu jams rule. Gratitude for this and all the posts in 2016. Best to you for 2017.