23 December 2016


Even with all of the adoration heaped upon MY BLOODY VALENTINE (justified) over the years, and modern band's often apparent inability to attempt nothing new aside from aping some past icon who has not yet been aped (guilty), I find it odd that there are not more MBV ripoffs in our midst/s. And please don't misunderstand, Wisconsin's MISERABLE FRIEND don't sound like Shields & Co., but they are doing the damn thing, man, and that's the mood they set. And they set it right. I mean, "Wasteland" has that one guitar part that is straight NEUROSIS in production and presentation, and "Coming To Life" is just really good fuzzed out indie/psych, and I swear I heard THE CURE more than once, but these kids are just taking it all in and then doing their damn shit. And it's awesome. And that's what the kids are supposed to do. 

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