11 September 2015


When Dave (IVENS [yes, my link is dead, but the links to the respective bands are still hot, and that's more important], WHITEHORSE [is this not the most foreboding bunch of humans you've seen all day], CONCRETE ISLAND, and more) asks for your address, then you give it to him....because you might get something like this in the mail. He describes it as "bleak techno" and I can't really argue. It's like the thing that the people would want to dance to if the people were wrong. Which is to say, if they were our people. One half hour of the best pulsations. 

Hard copies available from the fascinating Sabbatical label in Melbourne. I don't know why you work, but if you do, then your money belongs here. Rent can wait, there are attorneys to help with that. Take care of yourself first. 

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