10 September 2015


Seriously, I can't really think of anything I want form a hardcore band that OUTSIDE LOOKING IN doesn't deliver. They got the breakdowns, they got the crucial and desperate lyrics and the delivery to back them up, they are from a place that none of the cool kids give a shit about...and they fukkn rule. Hardcore punk from Chico/Redding. California...so good. You need this band, but I might need them more than you do.

It's another disheartening night // On the floor there was nearly a fight // From tough guys throwing their fists // And not giving a shit who they hit // I see people throughout the hall with cliché minds // With uncritical thoughts // In each corner there's a social click // I can't help feeling that I don't fit in // I don't feel moved or inspired // I feel like I'm existing on another dead night // The music rings in my ears but doesn't move my heart // The lyrics stand tall but the actions fall short // Too much of what we've fought against lives at the shows // At times I can't help but feel the disillusion grow // Tonight is another night that lays stagnant // Leaving me feeling burnt out and alone // Tonight is another disheartening night // Leaving me feeling burnt out and alone // Stagnant. Burnt out. And alone.

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The L-RV said...

Holy crap - that feels good!!!