23 September 2015


Teenage mutant weirdos from Pleasanton, California that make STIKKY seem like they were intellectually advanced...this is what happens when those freaks two cul-de-sacs over get a boom box with a record button. You can't make this shit up, just a bunch of kids with nothing better to do. This is why video games suck - except the ones you play at the 7-11 while sucking down a slurpee after school. This is why I swear that society will eventually decide that internet sucks - because it stifles this kind of inane creativity by giving everyone access to everything. But in Pleasanton, if you wanted something and Mom wouldn't drive you to The Stone to see EXODUS, then you just made noise in Brad's garage. It ain't Stockholm, but when you're 15 it might be enough to get you through the summer.

Also, this motherfukkr was impossible to edit. 100% chance that I did not separate tracks correctly, though I swear that I tried for at least the first 45 minutes or so....

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