04 September 2015


The scourge of the Bay Area, I suppose. So many tiny and insular sub-scenes that if you aren't on the hunt at all times then you miss out. SAINT LORENA were short lived, but this demo makes me cringe at the thought of this band right under my nose and me just not smelling it. Angular, weird post/anarcho punk with some of the most gloriously awkward vocals I've come across. Bass and drums hold the songs together while the guitar does....well, it's doing something awesome. And those vocals....shouted in bursts of apparent hyper-dimentia and nasal congestion. They are weird and nowhere near what is traditionally considered "good," but that's what makes them so fukkn good. Atonal and in your face while still seeming distant, not unlike the band as a whole. I like this tape a lot...top track: "Brick Fire."

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