12 May 2013


Ripped this eight song banger from 1982 off of a killer mix tape I recently unearthed. The first of two demos from Winnipeg's SUDDEN DEATH, this classic second wave proto-hardcore punk - plenty of vaguely metallic nods and the Southern California influence is definitely there, but my ears mostly hear UK82 colliding with Midwestern hardcore. My tape calls this Live In Basement, but the track listing matches the demo I found on line referred to as Blood On Floor. My tape cover was written in pencil, so I'll believe the internet.


Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much for this one! The demo was called Blood on the Floor and was recorded in a basement. There was 2 lineups of sudden death this being the first one the second consisted of the original bassist Larry and the bassist from Manic Depressors on guitar and vocals...the second lineup was more hardcore. Larry went to play with DRI for a very short time back in the very early 80s.

Anonymous said...

Actually in was MDC he went to play with.It only lasted 3 weeks