07 May 2013


ON ON ON are coming from another planet. Most of these 20+ tracks clock in well under the minute mark, but they pack so much weirdness in their short bursts and the sounds are all over the map. Post punk dirges, jerky Deutsch punk manifested through some interplanetary HUGGY BEAR filter and shot up with keyboards. And then there are nursery rhymes ("Samantha The Owl," "Stress"), fuzzed out SPACEMEN 3 styled manipulations ("Sorry Miss," "Happy Sad Treat Me Kind," "Mix"), and tunes like "I Am It" that are just short bursts of swagger. It isn't often that you hear something so totally unique in sound and presentation, and whether ON ON ON have achieved this result by design or by glorious accident...I want more. 



Dk said...

This definitely exceeded my expectations. In fact, I think I'm falling in love with it. I'm already a sucker for female fronted punk, but the keyboard and German tongue adds another level to my delight. Not to mention the songs are pleasantly short. I with you, I want more too.

Anonymous said...