30 June 2012


It sounds just like it looks. Somewhere between ANTI-SEEN and NINE POUND HAMMER in intent, but Brutal Truths is primitive teen angst in execution. Take one man, put him in Lancaster, Kentucky, and give him a 4 track - this is what you'll get. A couple of legitimately killer tunes ("Junkie," "Shut Your Mouth," and the "fuck you"/pickslide combo that closes "Don't Wanna Hang Out With You" is perfection) mixed with GG ALLIN attitude, rampant misogyny and the manifestation of complete alienation. Or maybe it's just a redneck with a tape recorder.

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Brian Guy said...

I haven't listened to the whole thing yet but it's really not too bad. I can hear Antiseen influences and the sound, sounds like some of GG Allin's releases.
I can see where you'd come up with Nine Pound Hammer, but it reminds me of the Nine Pound Hammer songs that Blaine Cartwright wrote as apposed to songs wrote by Scott Luallen. Maybe a touch of Nashville Pussy, another Blaine Cartwright project.
Thanks for posting this. Great Blog by the way.


Brian Guy