26 June 2012


As much an aural architect as a musician, AMK has been producing soundscapes and audio collages since the '80s. On 2011's Imbricate, he (Anthony Michael King) unleashes a 30 minute deluge based on and morphed out of field recordings and his own gloriously twisted psyche. Waves of distortion and manipulation mingle with the sounds of animals and nature, as if you were embarking on a dark and very wrong safari. Imbricate quickly builds to a disconcerting level, but instead of cresting, the intensity remains for much of the piece, challenging your ears and emotions to hold fast while being pummeled by sound. Even better on subsequent listens, as layers once hidden expose themselves...this is well worth the time investment required to achieve the full effect.

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The Boo said...

That's one fucked up safari. Love it - Thanks!