01 September 2015


Crazy, wild rockin' heavy metal/motorpunk/hardcore hybrid from São Paulo with just the right amount of sleaze from some of the least sleazy dudes you will ever meet. Slightly rawer than their 2012 EP, on this tape URUTU are awkward and erratic - the drum fill into "Mar Metalico" lurches and throws you off your bang for a split second, and the solo in "Ciadade Confinade" falls apart in the most unmistakable, unfakable manner. But mostly, URUTU take all the shit you love about punk rock and heavy metal and shove it onto one cassette while Thiago's vocals cannot quite shake their grindcore roots. Enjoyment increases with subsequent listens and increased volume, duh.

I helped these kids with a US pressing of this cassette and I have a few copies left for $5ppd. Holler if you want one, and visit the fellows here....URUTU.

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