02 April 2024



If it hadn't been for the split with SHIKARI I might have missed PHOENIX BODIES completely...but thankfully I didn't. Even so, I barely scratched the surface, and I'm grateful for the folks at Bullwhip for compiling some of the early essentials in one convenient format (hint: it's a cassette) because this is a shit I (still) need in my life. Kinda can't believe that HIGH ON CRIME never crossed paths with them because this kind of technical screamo/violence is exactly the shit that permeated that era and region (this is where Dave is probably going to tell me that we played with them....such is my life) - chaotic ultra-intensity that channels early century metallic emo but is still close enough to BORN AGAINST to stay honest. As the title suggests, this tape captures the first two years of PHONIX BODIES....a half hour of what I needed, what I missed, what I would have loved. A half hour of what I want. 

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