05 February 2023



Record store manager in New Mexico watching me dig through stacks of dusty unknowns, "I've got this tape, kinda weird prog / yacht rock but I have no idea who the guy is and I can't find anything about him on the internet - you interested?" Me, digging through stacks of dusty unknowns, "Yes." You see, sometimes you make quick decisions based on intuition and hunch...and sometimes those decisions are wrong. Also sometimes they are right. Bob Goldstaub is gonna be a harsh toke for some of you, but if you ever wanted a little Michael McDonald in your Led Zep then listen to the last series of tracks on this mysterious nugget. If you ever needed a country rock violin in your Floyd, if you ever wanted your adult contemporary music to sound just a little....off? Then Bob is your fukkn guy. What do I know about Bob? Nothing - except that I rescued his tape from an eternity of obscurity and put it on the internet. You're welcome, Bob.


rev.b said...

Bob could well no longer be among the living, but if he was, or if I were him, I'd be thankfull that someone at least gave a damn, enough to put my tape up on their blog. I bet he'll fetch more ears here than he ever did in life.

Salazar said...

Hell yeah. I haven't been able to get enough of the track I assume is called "I'm Here." Cheers from the Cats in ABQ.