07 January 2020


Hot, reckless and nasty lo-fi garage punk. Everything cranked up real high, this is ass swinging rock 'n roll distorted to oblivion...just the way it should be. Night Train is a compilation of outtakes and demos comes as no surprise to those in the know, and is likely of little interest to visitors looking for clenched fist hardcore punk. But if you are uninitiated and you know what's good for you, then you'll take 111 seconds to blast the track that this collection takes its bame from and you'll wonder consciously where COACHWHIPS fall on the SUICIDE >>> OBLIVIONS spectrum. And you'll listen some more, and then you'll realize that SPECTRUM should have been capitalized in that last sentence and you'll understand why some people just don't have the time or patience for anything but the very best. Also, "H.C. She" is pretty much the toughest rock song of all time. 

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