16 June 2017

"And If Thou Will, Remember"

Another mix tape that I made for a dear friend who lives far away. I haven't mailed it yet (I am bad about that, along with many other things related to procrastination and distraction and delay), but I know that they never visit The Escape so I don't really feel like I'm cheating here. I'm just sharing. Sharing is a thing I am pretty good at. This tape contains some long time favorites of mine, included in the hopes that they will perhaps become someone else's favorites if they aren't already (SLEEP CHAMBER, OMEGA TRIBE, WIPERS, GLENN BRANCA), a handful of relatively recent discoveries (PATRICK COWLEY, M. NAGESWARA RAO, ROSA YEMEN, JEFF BECK), and some with presence in both categories (or neither). And while the tape was very deliberately curated for one specific set of ears, it's of course possible that the sounds contained will never land there...so this is why we share. 

1 comment:

Nekrobien said...

Listened to this the other day in its entirely while i was spraypainting all day long. Enjoyed it. Thanks man.