18 June 2017


I was talking to Clayton last week about '90s pop punk and '90s hardcore, and how that line was sometimes more than a little blurry, to the benefit of both genres. GRIMPLE's Up Your Ass LP is so perfect (an make no mistake, it IS perfect) because it is super pissed, lightning fast and catchy as hell. Before pop punk was universally revered as a bad word/s, bands like 9 IRON loved getting schwasted on shitty malt liquor and playing fast and loud...and they loved GREEN DAY too. And that was OK. In fact, it resulted in some really great recordings. Dated, but still great. This band popped up just when I left Oklahoma, and I don't honestly remember if I ever saw them or not (I want to think they played one of the two Mission PunkFest gigs at 17th & Capp, but I might be confusing them with BOB OF TRIBES, who were on tour with BROTHER INFERIOR at the time....), but I know I played the shit out of this rough and snotty demo for a few years before it found its way into a box. Fortunately, it also found its way back out.


Aylmer said...

For me the perfect collision of hardcore and pop punk was Fleshies' Kill the Dreamer's Dream.

Jo Foster said...

We had fun on that record, but we never toured. So, you're probably right with the Bob of Tribes.

Chad Malone said...

Bob of Tribes toured with Brother Inferior a bit in 96 and we also put out their 7".
9Iron was around 95 and 2 of their members were also in Brother Inferior (Alex and Ryan)