23 September 2016


I honestly thought I had posted this already, perhaps because I've been listening to it so much lately, but the search window in the top left proves me wrong (again), so....here's the 1998 demo from TRABALHAR PARA MORRER. On the face, this is pretty rudimentary hardcore punk, but intensity doesn't have to come from blinding speed or complex riffs - T.P.M. have the thing that makes simple punk so hopelessly addictive. Listen to the chorus of "Bombaricados" - it's so fukkn simple, three chords walking up and walking down, but it kicks me in the ass every time I hear it. VULPESS comparisons are certainly not out of line with multiple female vocals and a jerky, urgent pace throughout, but T.P.M. have a touch more hardcore creeping into their sound. 14 track demo presented here, and in the link above you can snag their 2001 full length, released around the time they stopped, and two songs recorded a couple of years ago. See what happens when I try to find out if I have actually done a thing that I think I have done? You win, that's what happens.

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