03 September 2016


From play, this one bangs hard. I reviewed this tape in the pages of Maximum Rocknroll a while back, and when I read those words for reference (research is good...sometimes a tape hits me differently on a different day, if I'm in a different mood, or if I am drunk - that's to be expected, right?), and I can't think of anything to say that I didn't cover in that review. So here you go: "I want my independent rock 'n roll music to sound like this. Low end fuzz like THE WHIP, soaring and distant lead vox yearning to break free like DASHER, and a guitar attack that just nails heavy psych-punk. And TONGUE PARTY fukkn jams like a full throttle freight train on wide open tracks. Full cream status. It's over before it really sinks in...so your only option is repeat listens."

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