25 September 2016


A quarter hour of dark electronics and tortured manipulations from DEALING (for the more curious, I believe this outfit is associated with the decidedly more filthy SACRED FOLLOWERS).  Four tracks from TROPICAL BODY on the flip, and as much as I dig the entirely of this tape, the distant rhythms and high end hiss of "Minimal Structure For Aircraft Travel" is the piece of work that keeps me coming back. Check the 4:25 mark, when that hiss peels back to expose the rolling swarm of synth pulsating under the beats...this is the shit that I want. Don't get me wrong here, all four tracks of lo-fi psychedelic techno are stellar, I don't want my affinity for that one song to imply that this is outfit is only good for one track - quite the opposite. Our Love Was Real is an excellent pairing and deserves repeated listens (as expected from Ascetic House), and I expect that you will be very pleased to give this tape the proper attention.

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