07 April 2015


Technology. Think about how many geniuses of the past were limited by the availability of a means to create. You might have thought of some killer synth oddities in your brain in 1951, but what the fukk were you supposed to do with them, you know? Thankfully it's The New Millennium, and enter: EARTH JERKS. The product of one San Francisco dude and a few devices, EARTH JERKS create a palpable vibe with these two tapes - hypnotic synth/organ drones meet cryptic industrial weirdness, all presented with a subtle confidence that is rare. The subdued sixth track is my personal favorite, perhaps because it stands so far out from the full on presentation of everything else included in this post...but any single number here is, without question, a part of an overall vision. And when I close my eyes to really see with EARTH JERKS is doing, all I want is more.

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Anonymous said...

What are people thinking of today that they can't create with current technology?