29 November 2011


All of these songs save one ("Systematic Violence," arguably the best song on the tape) appear in different forms on the You Can't Ignore It Forever demo, also released in 1984, but Dorset's VIRUS are too fukkn good to let a tape slip by just because you have already heard the songs once before. Or twice. There's a MOB styled moodiness to their anarcho brilliance - the vocals have a mournful lilt even when shouting out the determined mantra of a 1980s UK peace punk band. Such a brutal shame that this band only managed to record a handful of songs before calling it a day, VIRUS were fukkn brilliant.

The liner notes were typed on the back of the cover, not photocopied, and the cassette was done up by hand...both seemed worth including.


Agz ain't punk said...

Virus are back together, I was out drinking with band member Dave on Friday night. New album is being released on Active Distribution (UK) very soon, and they are on Facebook and Myspace..



Henk said...


Anonymous said...

Bloody hell!!!

I'm amazed that you managed to get a copy of this tape as we only had about 20 done (maximum) and I can remember giving these out to friends, etc.


Jaz (Virus)

the wizard said...

Got it from a friend - probably the same bloke you gave yours to so many years ago. And it holds up brilliantly!

Thanks for stopping by, and (of course) feel free to drop a line if you've got any other recordings you'd like to share!!
Cheers - Robert

Unknown said...

the "new" virus is absolutely as vehement as ever! get it here: http://www.activedistributionshop.org/shop/compact-disc/100-virus-unacceptable-noise-levels.html

Jaz Virus said...

Thanks for the plug 'Unknown' - Active are also selling our newest album 'Virulence'.

Robert, I have some other old tapes of Virus if you are interested and I can scan you the cover of You Can't Ignore It Forever too.


Jaz (Virus)