22 November 2011


Subtly sinister, synth driven sounds from the Seattle. The entity behind SELF COM sits at the center of this project, and the similarities are notable, but MUTANT VIDEO quietly expand on the minimal sound of that project, adding more electronics, a distant mournful bass guitar and manipulated percussion while remaining within the rigid confines of sparse dark ambience. Not exactly a roaring return after my three week absence, but this recording got me through many turbulent flights and more than a few sleepless night while I was south of the equator, and it seemed fitting to share. 


Corby said...

Yes!! This shit was soo slow and morbid, perfect soundtrack to walking through the nearly empty streets in my neighborhood on this past black friday...Also I recently started a new blog about the history of Hawaii underground music,please check it out when you have the time!It's called Stuck On A Rock, Stuck Under A Rock... Ps. Love the weird noise you put on this blog, keep it coming!!

Dk said...

I"m somewhat of a night owl and usually have trouble sleeping. So, I played this last night and was totally engaged throughout it's entirety. I like how Mutant Video is able to drain the darkness from shadows to create Ouija keys of apparitional solitude. Good stuff. Hope there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

hey mate, would you be able to re-up this one?