20 September 2016


I would say that I'm sorry for the short break...but I'm not. Shit happens. Life gets in the way. But this shit is always there for you. And what do I mean when I say "this shit"? I'm talking about Australia's MANHUNT. Five creamers. Seven minutes. Desperate and vicious. The few sepos lucky enough to see them in the flesh earlier this year know what I'm talking about. ..the rest of you are about to learn.

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Blacktooth said...

This thing swings through many different rhythms with ease. From blast-beat, to straight-ahead punk 4/4, to skippy/hiccuped surf-rock beats, to knuckle-drag ompah-ompah, to breakdown circle-pit speed... Never sounding forced or overly thought-out. It's got a pretty smooth flow for some seriously heavy shit. Also, that perfect space between punk and metal where things get really weird, and the jocks on either side of the fence go outside to smoke and let the rest of us enjoy it. Thanks for the post!