07 December 2023



Just a band of kids from Vacaville - too far from The Bay to be Bay Area and buried too far in the Sacramento suburbs to be a cohesive part of the scene. So, as you do when you're kids and you don't know the rules, they made their own scene and twenty-five they're still the fukkn kings. I think I first saw them in the mid-'00s in Baltimore when a SUBHUMANS tour crossed paths with MONSTER SQUAD supporting CASUALTIES. I had heard about them from folks back home, these kids who exploded out of nowhere reminding a bunch of old scene 'heads that punk could still be (and look) fukkn punk and they did not disappoint. Attitude right, songs tight...they just clicked, and they haven't stopped clicking even as they've grown into adults.  So how do you celebrate two and a half decades of punk and friendship? You re-record songs from the demo you made when you were kids, and you record it the way you recorded it when you were kids. The result is I Love Punk and....my dudes, I love punk too.

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