26 May 2022



What a glorious beast IDIOT CLONE is. Hand drawn cover, destroyed bass tone (the beginning of "Roolz And Regulations" should be enough to settle any doubts, and that's the first 15 seconds of the damn tape) and six brilliant doses of early '80s anti-system idealism, this is messy and earnest UK punk of the highest order. While they struggle to keep it together musically, they rail against the mundane and the cops and the normal and the state with an urgency rarely seen after the age of 19 or so...and all of this is what we're here for. File alongside DISORDER, DEATH SENTENCE (UK), and the like. I shared this tape back in 2009 (HERE) and a few chumps have plopped that rip on the youtube with no background info...but punk is for the punks so I ain't complaining. 

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