20 October 2019


Taking a couple of weeks off while I hit the road (again) with SUBHUMANS (again). West Coast friends and tape slingers drop me a line - will trade list spots for tapes, or will just buy your entire collection of unloved '80s hardcore demos just taking up space in your closet and/or basement. You know, the ones your mom and/or partner keep nagging you about? Yeah, those. I'll take them off your hands so you can make room for grown up shit like 90" TVs and sectional sofas, because I like to help. I'm a helper.

NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS along for the whole ride, and we get to run into SMUT, FISSURE, AGONISTA, DETOXI and BAD BREEDING along the way. I'm sure there will be more, but those are the ones I am particularly pumped on. The Escape will return in November. Send me tapes.