12 December 2018


More nostalgia for a lost era of loose, arguably shitty and intensely earnest USDIY punk. It's the same charm that makes WHITE TRASH SUPERMAN more than just "some band from Mississippi" to anyone who can really hear them. It's the guilty giddy feeling you get when you crank Boogadaboogadaboogada when no one else is home. It's being sweaty and half drunk and not giving a shit about anything except that very moment, even if that means you might wind up crying in the bushes before the night is over. STAG push all of those buttons....and they did it on the first listen, even though (or especially because) that first listen came in 2018. 

This generation Memorex suggests to me that STAG were a product of the early '90s, but with no information included, your guess is as good as mine. Date your demos, kids!

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Stag was from San Jose around in the early 90's.I have a Comp features 2 Tracks of this Demo called" How lovely Nowhere Is".
If I didn't know better I would say Pre-Betty' Love Child?!
The one Singers Voice sounds familiar...

Thanks for sharing