21 December 2018


Somebody please, give me just a minute to explain my misery...

Y'all want to go for another ride, right? As if THE VANGUARDS opening track weren't enough, East Side Story vol.4 delivers a dozen ounces of solid fukkn gold, anchored by two gems from BARBARA MASON, perfect curation demonstrated by casually slipping THE RADIANTS "Ain't No Big Thing" in between Mason's call and answer/coming of age "Yes I'm Ready" and "Oh How It Hurts." This one is all about love and pain (I mean, aren't they all?), ending up with THE CRUISERS' "I Need You So" and (oh yeah) they drop in PERCY SLEDGE as if to remind you that the '60s legacy is so much more than AM radio toppers. Instead of a summer strip packed with rounded steel, this fourth volume feels like a quiet, lonely winter road on a crystal clear night...pulling your someone closer when BILLY STEWART hits that falsetto yowl before the chorus of "I Do Love You." Simpler times musings surely abound, but we can find these corners of simplicity in any reality....sometimes you just have to reach a little deeper. 

I give you everything I got trying to hold on to your precious love

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