01 May 2017


This collection of demos shows that Yugoslavia's QUOD MASSACRE aren't simply noteworthy and important - they are fukkn essential. A pace that easily places them with the hardcore acts of the time, but with UK82 and Oi! hooks flying through every damn song. The theme song "Q.M." alone is worth the price of admission, but literally every track included here is a burner (including/especially the live cuts that make you wonder how screaming good these kids were in the flesh). 

It should go without saying that TE visitors are encouraged to directly support current artists/labels discussed and presented here. Links (when available) can typically be found in the body of the posts. But I specifically suggest direct support with this release, because in addition to the tunes, the tape comes with a full zine of artwork/flyers/lyrics/photos...Doomtown Records did a fantastic job here.