25 April 2017


Full freak vibes from (NEW ENGLAND) PATRIOTS with murky.under.water.fukkd vocals and space age minimal garage/indie jams...it's just weird. And "out there" sounds are often the best sounds, so weird wins. THE ABOMINABLE SKI MASK pollute the flip side with seemingly directionless electronic noise drenched noise rock missives...like THE COWS getting abducted by WOLF EYES or some shit. "Reapply For Warrior Scholarship" is the standout creamer, if only because it's the track that makes the least sense. Come to think of it, very little on this cassette makes any sense at all until you realize that there is a (perhaps extremely?) loose connection with Boston's FAT DAY (there's a vinyl version on 100% Breakfast, and Doug recorded both sides....and to the small percentage of readers who know what that means, this information will be important). Once a FAT DAY connection is on the table....anything is possible. I'll check tomorrow to see how many of you actually checked this out - it will be a good way to determine your actual courage, or lack thereof. 

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