06 February 2017


Think back, if you will, to a time when Noise Punk Mondays were a guarantee. Not a "sometimes, maybe, who knows?" kind of thing, but an "every fukkn Monday" kind of thing here at TE. Distortion reigned. Ineptitude, both deliberate and unintentional, was celebrated. And your work week started with chaos and, hopefully, bombastic bursts of frantic mayhem. Do you miss those days, even as the scene du jour has turned broody and dark and drum machines have replaced pedal boards and chaos punks now listen to the shit I jammed in my bedroom before I knew what punk even was? If you find yourself lost, then I invite you to visit a different place. A place where chaos is made of determination. A place where distortion just happens....it's not planned, but it's not avoided either. It just becomes....and it is allowed. A place where skill and desire clash with a fury that cannot be translated from the ears. A place where LOS PUNK ROCKERS still reign, no matter what is in fashion, because punk rules. OK? OK.

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