04 February 2017


It's like this tape bridges decades inside my mind. On the one hand it is a brilliant recreation of classic German punk - I hear shadows of SLIME, BLUT+EISEN, IDEAL and a host of '80s DeutschPunk and Neue Deutschte Welle acts....but these fukkrs (or, "fckrs" if you prefer) sound like themselves in the most perfect way. Jerky FRANZ FERDINAND guitars, sharp and angular song structures - perfectly crafted songs that are, at their base, simply brilliant pop songs. Classify the shit how you like, most modern dolts would file under "post punk" or "indie," but I choose to file under "shit I really like a LOT." So figure that shit out....or, better yet, just listen.

There's more FCKR....and I highly recommend that you shove as much FCKR as you can into your earholes. Your earholes will thank you.

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