04 May 2016


True and legitimate freak jams. Discordant, depraved, psychotic layers of tracks upon tracks mixed with break beats and manipulated rhythms....this one is a killer.

Worth reading the artist's description of his state during the construction of these sounds...but also worth simply letting walls of electronics envelop you. 

03 May 2016


Few things better than popping in a completely random and unknown demo and getting your ass blown off, right? KING DUMP rip through five tracks of early '00s fastcore with a relentless pace and a brilliantly dated ska breakdown in "Emo Sux." Just for good measure, there's a seven song no-fi rehearsal recording featuring a MINOR THREAT cover tacked onto the end...if anyone has anything to add then I'm all ears (I'm sure we all are)

02 May 2016


There are enough words on The Internet about PETER STUBB (the accurately self described "Cassette Legend") written by people with direct and personal knowledge and information that I won't waste your time, other than to say that STUBB is an actual outside, and his music reflects that. One man noisecore/grind freak punk explosion all over your keyboard...and then he drops a bomb like "PopTart Park" that has AWK caliber hooks from the guitar....and then it's right back to the madness with "Oilskin Leprosy." This tape from last year is like that. For true noise freaks only....but then, the true noise freaks are already familiar.

"Lard Dispose"
"Full Blown Hard On"
"Alter Jabber"
"Where Did All The Cool People Go?"
"Generator Masturbator"
"The Dead Arise To Fuck!"
"Boom Box Demo"

01 May 2016


There are people that would suggest that I should be ashamed for liking this demo as much as I do. Those people are fools. Catchy shit is catchy for a reason. You wanna know the reason? Because the shit is catchy. This shit was growing on trees in the '90s, and sometimes that fruit was undeniably delicious....and so we eat.

30 April 2016


I snagged this on a whim in Oklahoma City a few weeks back because....well, sometimes I get a little tipsy and I buy tapes. Initially I just thought it was a thing with a weird ass cover (it was dark and I was drunk), but when I got home I realized that some fool bootlegged a crucial Turkish psych/rock record onto cassette and then I got real pumped. My pal Paul goes way deeper to into the psych world and the Turkish world, so I asked him to give all you mutants some background...he obliged:

This record hits on a multiple levels. If you're looking for a great example of Turkish psych, complete with the embedded funkiness that makes Turkish psych so appealing, look no further. If you're looking for an inspirational lady speaking her mind in a time and place where there were reprecussions for such boldness, you've also come to the right place. Check out the infectious groove of Yaz Gazeteci Yaz (Write, Journalist, Write). The fuzzy Eastern sounds of Meydan Sizindir (The Square Belongs to You). One of the best riffs ever on Ince Ince (Tiny Little Snowflakes). The driving lead on Yaylalar (Uplands) over 60s pop psych sounds. Sleepy dreamy sounds of Dam Üstüne Çul Serer (?). The urgency of Dost Uyan (Wake Up, Friends). You really can't fuck with this record. Think about what bullshit was coming out of the US and UK for rock music in 1976, or even soul music. Then stop and think about it again. 

Selda Bağcan studied phsyics and engineering in university, and her early music recordings (45s starting coming out in early 70s) were Turkish folk music on solo acoustic guitar - this was the first time these songs were being played on guitar, traditionally they were played on baglama. Her lyrics and themes have always spoken of solidarity with the poor and social criticism, and after a coup d'état in Turkey in 1980 she was held as a political prisoner off and on for the next few years, but never stopped speaking out. She would sing in Kurdish at a time when speaking Kurdish was illegal. Her musical style continued to change after her self titled album, but subsequent records are worthy listens in their own right. She has been sampled for Mos Def (produced by Oh No, Madlib's younger brother) and even Dr. Dre.

In 2013, she had this to say about the state of modern Turkish rock: "By definition, rock is rebel music. It is the music of protest. But the price of rebellion seems so high nowadays that, unlike us, those who claim to be rockers only sing love songs... Turkish artists forgot that rock was about dissent, about rebellion. Only now do we hear the first steps of a protest rock."

29 April 2016


The opening track sets an ominous tone, and from there Blessings confidently swerves between ambience ("Here Comes The Warm Piss," "Jamming Efficacy Testing Ordeal"), drug induced(ing) industrial slogs ("End: The Machines Are In Motion," "What Is Where Of Here?"), and what I can like to think would have happened if DJ SCREW had ever gotten his hands on some CLOCK DVA (shit is weird and really really good). The Nostilevo family never disappoints, and considering this project comes from the mind of JS AURELIUS I wasn't surprised that it was good....but still I am blown away. 

28 April 2016


This one.....fukk. It's just pure and unencumbered brutality. Light speed rippers with black metal guitars churning out blurred fastcore/crust that gives zero fukks. How many fukks? Like I want to piss my pants when I hear this shit and ODIO does not actually give one shit fukk. None. Because they are too busy laying waste to everything. It's from outer fukkn space, this tape - the high vocals are demonic and the low vocals are like short, choppy versions of guttural crust vocals. Seriously though: listen to "Miseria." It's the most bizarre, out of left field shit ever, and you NEED this shit. I mean, if you like to be brutalized. And you're here, so.....

Monterrey, NL // MEXICO // 2003

I have reverted to uploading files to OpenDrive (for now). Issues with Box seem to be persisting....for visitors: "older" links (and older means anything earlier than a few days ago) should be active via mobile devices or tablets for whatever bizarro reason, but Box files (which make up almost all of the posts since 2013) seem to be unavailable to desktop fiends. I've updated the CINDERBLOCK, BRAINOIL and CIBORGUE links because those are the most recent (and they are also all badass). As long as you continue....I will continue...

27 April 2016


If a bunch of raucous hardcore dudes are going to start an Oi! band, then I want it to sound like CINDERBLOCK. It's smart, it's totally in your face, the guitars on "Disco Killers" alone are enough to remind you why you are a punk. I can only assume that these Boston creamers are not amateurs, and their lyrics suggest a band intelligent far beyond their riffs. This tape kicked my ass immediately, and has continued to please me since then....you are welcome to join in my enjoyment. I encourage listening to "Voiceless" until you are (inevitably) hoarse. 

I have been have file hosting issues for the last few days, and I appreciate the emails letting me know that all is not well in the digital World Of The Escape. It appears that things are good now (I mean, The Internet tells me that someone DLed the BRAINOIL tape a quarter hour ago...so that's one more lucky punk rocker), so I encourage you to go back to the CIBORGUE and BRAINOIL tapes (because they are both great, obviously). If you are having problems with today's post, please visit the CINDERBLOCK Bandcamp and enjoy their demo that way (actually, you should go to their thing either way, because that way you can actually make contact with them and tell them how much you love the tape), but please drop me a line and let me know that you are getting files successfully (or not) so that I can continue to serve you.
With Respect - The Management

26 April 2016


Hard to imagine that this demo was recorded 15 years ago, but when BRAINOIL found their thing (I think it's called a "groove") they struck gold...and they never stopped mining. Six tracks on this demo, and only one tops the two minute mark - crushing stoner riffs for days, but condensed into hardcore punk songs. If you haven't heard them and that doesn't make sense....? You're going to have to trust me. Their decade and a half run (there was a pretty lengthy hiatus in the somewhere, but still) has netted splits with DROP DEAD, IRON LUNG and CRUEVO (these demo tracks found their way onto that release) and two full lengths (only eight years apart...that's some Japanese band shit right there), and they still level the joint every time they play. Too punk for most of the DoomLords and too heavy for most of the punks, I trust they will continue to dominate those of us who get it for years to come.

For those keeping track and/or not already aware, BRAINOIL is made up of DESTROY!, LANA DAGALES and GRIMPLE members...and here's a live set from 2001. Not surprisingly, it rules.

25 April 2016


Absolute outsider punk. You know you're in for it while the three minute title track slogs endlessly forward, but nothing can prepare you for the shit-fi noise core that follows. Neurose Digital makes the VACCUUM Space-Fi tape seem sonically imposing, this is the thinnest and weirdest sounding cassette on my shelves (or in my boxes, for that matter). But it's not just blundering....it's actually and actively weird, almost as if there is a collective vision at work here, and this is what sets CIBORGUE apart. Apart from what, exactly? Well, I'm still not sure...but can you imagine watching this shit live?!? I need to go back to Brasil.

24 April 2016


Sometimes punks go goth and buy a ton of effects pedals. And every so often, shortly thereafter, those punks learn how to write perfect pop tunes and manage to keep them dark. These punks seemed to already have that gift, as this full length dropped near the band's inception in 2012. TRAUMA HARNESS first stopped by The Escape three years ago amidst a slew of LUMPY-related cassingles that I shared all at once, but they've been rather busy since then (last year's Tried My Hardest is highly recommended). It's moody and weird, and the combination of chops and amateurish enthusiasm ("Blue Flame" for example) is refreshing. As is sometimes the case, my cassette copy sounds kinda fukkd here and there - guitars a little more out of whack, maybe a warble where the band didn't intentionally place a warble, if you know what I'm saying? - and here again I've decided to share as is. This is what I got from them, so it's what you get from me...you know? And besides, kid, that's the shit that makes tapes cool...right?! 

23 April 2016


Early '90s Canadian straightedge mosh with overt influence from then-contemporary METALLICA. I can't really justify this thing without context, but the only record I could find of the band band was their inclusion on a cassette comp with EARTH CRISIS and BURST OF SILENCE. My old band played with BURST OF SILENCE at SitCom in Indianapolis in '94 and we chilled outside watching some gutter punk inject alcohol while they were playing...because it was weirder to us than watching a Canadian straight edge band. What is this band about? I have no idea? I remain intrigued after several listens...

Sorry about the screeches - tapes are killer, but sometimes The World wins.

22 April 2016


You think you go deep? Shit man, sometimes I think I go deep, and then I stumble across something like this and realize exactly how completely clueless I really am. The title tells you most of what you need to know, but I'll finish the story simply: Get ready to go deeper. From the same Washington state genius responsible for the Natty Chariot and Behind The Iron Curtain mix tapes, Japanese Underground is 60+ minutes of new wave and pop that I had never (ever) heard of. Highlights include (but are certainly not limited to): D DAY, SH, IKARI (this hard wave/dance track might be the best on the tape), STANDARDS (perfect power pop), THE LOODS, MASANORI KASAKI (bizarro art/synth), and REVER...but there's not a single thing I want to skip past. The mix starts mellow with quirky, almost commercial, new wave but gets progressively weirder throughout, and the ventures into power pop (or maybe it's just sift punk?) are a welcome respite amongst the more indulgent tracks. Much respect to the compiler here...total success once again. 

21 April 2016


Relentless rhythm. Constant pulse. Mind numbing noise. Devastating low end. While punk and hardcore turn into classic rock, it seems more and more that the innovators are looking to a different past in order to move into the future. These are future sounds. 

20 April 2016


I had heard that these goofs were jamming a bit, and considering the goofs involved (the roster features current and former members of COLD CIRCUITS, REPLICA, SCALPED, YADOKAI, SYNTHETIC ID, NO STATIK....among many many others) I figured it could be pretty cool. But fukk. Really? Crazy catchy mod punk like SLADE getting a bum rub from NEGATIVE APPROACH or some shit (I have no idea what that means) because as soon as you think it's some goin-to-the-pub-with-me-mates rehash they do something like the chorus of "ACAG" and you're all like "oh balls, this is hardcore." And then of course the next fukkn track has a DEAD MILKMEN swagger...I mean, what am I supposed to do? How can I not get on board The ULTRA Train? I'm helpless.