05 December 2016


Two young Japanese powerhouses crank out three tracks each of relentless destruction. MALIMPLIKI turn their churn into into a rhythmic pulse that surges with the beat, distorted almost to the point of losing any semblance to music whatsoever (this is a good thing) - total intensity. SACA LA FIESTA skip the distortion, but their sound is still dirty and raw as fukk. Two short, smart punk blasts with shouted female vocals and the longer, slower "My Truth" to bring Revas En La Songo to a close. There are so many bands in Japan....

04 December 2016


It's hard to believe that O INIMIGO has been rolling as long as they have, but I remember Juninho talking about his "new" band while DISCARGA and WHN? were touring together in 2002....and that was a very long time ago. This demo is just as good now as it was then, and is a great indicator of the band that they would evolve into over time. Powerful melodic punk with earnest vocals and an undeniable intensity that clearly doesn't need speed, volume or distortion to make it's point. Enjoy your day. 

03 December 2016


Feisty and catchy garage punk with '90s college radio hooks, but delivered with the bombastic distorted fury that the cover implies. M.O.T.O. meets D-CLONE? Yeah.....

02 December 2016


Twenty minutes of Rose City doom spread over three tracks. Portland's DISPOSSESSED are heavy beyond heavy, and the deliberate way they pummel is enviable. Bleak and devastating. 

01 December 2016


Got this banger in the mail from my pal Søren last week...I was chuffed that he thought of me, since we've been out of touch for some time, but I was floored when I popped it in the deck. Full throttle, maximum intensity hardcore, and his vocals are perhaps even more intense than they were in THE NOW DENIAL (note: we met in 2003 when ARTIMUS PYLE and THE NOW DENIAL shared a couple of weeks in Europe, and this seems an appropriate time to remind you that 2007's Mundane Lullaby is as close to perfect modern hardcore record as you will ever find). I suppose it wouldn't be far off to say that ERFURT70 is a logical musical progression, but the power here is worth far more than a casual "yeah, sounds like the dude's old band" and tracks like "Knees" just explode out of the deck. Check the guitars on "Rutsche" and then get ready for the mosh that drops at 0:51. Oh yeah. 

Physical copies from the nice folks at Sabotage Records, a label I recommend visiting  and supporting....and not just because they released records by my band(s). 

30 November 2016


Sometimes I can't exactly explain why I love it, or exactly what it is that I love. And sometimes I feel like if I even tried, that most of you would shy away and look elsewhere for aural sustenance. Sometimes there are sounds that just strike a nerve and I need them, even if they are not sounds that I feel like I should "like," per se. Need is stronger than want, and need is certainly stronger than like. "Count Me Out" is exactly what I'm talking about....I was rapt before the music even started, and once it did I was helpless. So today, there are no descriptors. No comparisons. Just.....suggestions. And affirmations.

29 November 2016


Noisy and chaotic beyond belief, poorly reproduced and suffering from waves of hiss, ramshackle mania with vocals mixed way too high and bass distorted to a near noteless rumble. In other words: perfect. I think this is how these sounds were meant to be listened to, and COLLAPSE SOCIETY has been doing the thing for fukkn 25 years. Noise Not Music, motherfukkrs. 

28 November 2016


Dear Americans: Hope you had a pleasant weekend, and that your "holiday" was satisfactory. Dear Everyone Else: This holiday weekend thing is bullshit, it's mostly just gluttony and fake appreciation. You know what is not bullshit? The drums during the breakdown to "Punishment." That shit is real as fukk. CELL ROT are from Oakland, and were born out of the ashes of EXHAAUST (basically same band with a different vocalist). Three songs here....and holy fukkn shit are we in for a treat if these fools stick around for a while. Looking forward to seeing them in the flesh on Friday....I guess sometimes living in this cesspool nation isn't entirely shitty. So yeah....it's Monday. Have a nice week.

27 November 2016


Yesssssss punk. Get ready. Tighten your shoe(boot)laces, because you are about to go fukkn wild. Straight for the throat feminist pogo hardcore mania from Las Vegas with vocals that'll make you rip your heart out and die for punk. This is what the shit is about, motherfukkrs, I want more and more and more. Fast, raw, serious fukkn punk. 

26 November 2016


Blind purchase here (what's $5 to an uppity dude with a job, right?!), but the second I heard that weird digitized voice from the past pretentiously groaning something about "eating your sex"  I knew that I had made the correct decision. Lowest common denominator primitive proto-electro (techno?Italidisco? house? who knows?!?!) presented with what I can only assume is blatantly calculated precision and an aspiration for something resembling actual and real "success." My assumption here is that this outfit is highly regarded in some alternate universe (read: cocaine users in their 20s), but I confess that on more than one occasion since that blind purchase, GENEVA JACUZZI has filled my home and my earholes. Choice track: "Macho Island." You're welcome. 

25 November 2016


Put your internal serach for peace and light on hold for thirty minutes and sink deep into CHAMBER OF TORTURE's realm of sinister death metal. Do it. I can tell you from experience that it will act as a cleansing...and the more volume employed, the deeper the cleanse. The hate and the dishonesty will still be out there when you are finished, and you will still need to address the ills (of the world and of your soul) just as before - but imagine doing so after a full immersion. It's worth it. 

24 November 2016


Ugh....just YES. Eight minutes of light speed hardcore, complete tracks crammed into sub-minute bursts without leaning on blasts or fastcore trickery. Listen to "Control" and hear the vocals shred during the machine gun snare hits that make up the chorus - this is what I want!! - and the mosh that follows is so quick and to the point. Everything is here. This is the first of two demos Buenos Aires, Argentina's ATROPELLO band has given us this year....let's hope that there are more in the future. 

23 November 2016


Like the sharp edge of a knife, but when you're too drunk to be cooking. Smart, snappy punk burners from the same crew of midwest mutants responsible for CONEHEADS, CCTV and a bunch of other shit that the kids scooped up before you even knew you were supposed to like it. Pay attention, and you will be rewarded with tracks like "Piss On Me," which is without a doubt the coolest creamer you will hear all damn day. 

22 November 2016


I made this mix tape for a friend. I thought I did a pretty good job making everything flow, then got to the end of Side B and perfectly timed the remaining space to a weird CHARLIE TWEDDLE track (as any tape makers know all too well, timing the end of each side is key, and we always keep an arsenal of short, poignant numbers up our sleeves for moments just like these). Boom. It was about to be done. So I dropped the needle, I unpaused the recording and I went to pop open a celebratory beer...because a good mix tape is an accomplishment worth celebrating. And then an enemy known only as "auto-reverse" reared its head, and before I knew it, the first 10 minutes of the Side A had been replaced with the gentle crackle of a needle knocking at the matrix...fuck. Normally, I could have just recreated the first few selections, but I had started this particular mix with a self-edit of PHAROAH SANDERS' "The Creator Has A Master Plan" (a controversial tape making tool, but one I am comfortable utilizing when appropriate) and it would be impossible to nail that timing again...so I started over. Many of the same tracks found their way back into the program, but offerings by SCREAMING TREES, PTARMIGAN and BEHAVIOR didn't seem as appropriate to the overall vibe and were replaced with WAYNE NEWTON, THE BODY and BRUCE GILBERT. I am very pleased with the tape, and have listened to it many times since (re)completion. While it brings me pleasure to share this here, and I hope that it brings you pleasure also...nothing can compare to the feeling of packing up a tape to mail to someone far away. Imagining it reaching their hands and then filling their ears...it's why we do this. And sometimes it's our very reason for existence. 

21 November 2016


The rain has subsided and the light is oppressive while I type, which makes it hard to take my mind back to the first time I listened to this cassette. Making something that is instantly engaging even when quiet and deliberate is difficult...which makes it even better when it works. EARN works - patient and peaceful ambience, dark without being oppressive or negative...file alongside the things that we feel more than hear, things that are difficult to describe. A natural progression to MIRROR TO MIRROR on the other side...slightly more energy, slightly more hope. Maybe wait until it's dark.