01 August 2014


Sometimes I think bands like this can only come from Japan (this LOOP did) when I hear J-Pop influences creeping into indulgent, angular post-punk. "Leaf" could sit along any number of late '80s college/alt rosters (I'm talking Merge, Simple Machines, or maybe bands who loved SHONEN KNIFE), while the remaining three tracks on this demo sit a bit more on the outside. I'm pretty sure I got this in Nagasaki, but it was a really long time ago, so you'll forgive me if I can't quite remember.

28 July 2014


This was on a tape I borrowed from Devon. You could easily argue that outsider/noise punk does not get any more ridiculous than this. If I had previously initiated a Sockeye tag on Terminal Escape, then I would use it now but I don't have one.....yeah, that's the caliber of weird we are talking about here.

26 July 2014


Early '90s metallic and engaging Polish punk. I really like these sounds, even though I would guess that the band were aiming for something that I wouldn't like. Does that even make sense? Maybe the second sentence is confusing, but those of you who were intrigued by the first sentence should get amongst this shit immediately. You're welcome.

24 July 2014


Sometimes old(er) recordings are a "time and place" thing - like you love it if you were there, but you just scratch your head if you hear the tracks after the fact. Sweden's FINAL EXIT is a perfect example; it's boring, derivative and utterly forgettable to me but they are a band that absolutely changed some of my friends' lives. Good for them, and my fault for listening to ERASURE in high school ("Oh L'Amour" is a banger, deal with that). But sometimes you can hear the shit years later and you're all like, "oh dude, I bet this shit was bad ass, I totally get this....wish I had been there, but I'm stoked to try to relive the magic through these recordings." So here you go: Brasil. 1996. If you weren't there then, then do your best to go there now.

23 July 2014


This dude takes electronic dance music (is this house? techno?) and makes it so casually compelling. These tracks in their entirety make up the Esconced EP on Dark Entries, but this teaser cassette takes those jams and turns them into a mini fresh mix, like an abridged version to wet your whistle. It worked.

22 July 2014


Seminal late '80 Bay Area thrash that was resurrected in the early days of 625 Productions. Way under the radar for most folks not from around here, I'd probably never have heard the name if I hadn't been in a band with Max (he fukkn loved this band)....then again, I've been in a band with the guitarist for the better part of the last decade, so I guess it would have come up eventually. 

21 July 2014


These women are out there. Piercing wails from both guitars and sets of vocal chords, rhythms that lope and lurch, challenging listeners more than entertaining them. Dissecting divisions between art, noise, punk and music. Suffice to say that I am a fan.

I am driving in a big ass circle through the plains and western states with my wife for the next two weeks. The posts will continue, but the missives will be brief (you're welcome) and requests for repairs on dead links will be even slower than usual for a while. 

20 July 2014


In the early days of The Escape I was contacted from time to time by members of older UK bands, presumably after said members had performed boredom induced vanity searches for the bands they were in when they were young and the world was still theirs to conquer and the system there for the smashing. A few folks asked for cover scans of demos they no longer had copies of, a couple asked for the tapes themselves, and one (I think it was a guy from THE SNAPPIN' BOGSEATS?) sent me this tape in return. I had never heard MAXI PUCH & THE MACHO MOPED MEN, but this early '80s catchy UK shits rules hard, and it's become a regular staple since its arrival in my mailslot. The instrumental "Pursuit" is an absolute classic, instantly familiar even when hearing it for the first time, but "Order Of The Black" is a totally mindblowing UK punk jammer. Kinda like SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS riding Vespas - is that even a sound? I think it is. And these are the perks of the job.

19 July 2014


You see, this is the trouble with black metal. You get a tape from the used section because it looks like it might be cool - it's a band from Belarus and a band from the Bay Area and it looks cool so it's worth a gamble....right? And then the Belarusian band starts with a song called "Blue-Eyed Land's Horizon Will Flare With Fiery Crimson" and I'm all like shit I got me some weird NSBM nonsense here? but I can't really tell. So do I chunk it? Or do I listen and acknowledge that these are sounds that have no relationship to or affect on my life in any actual sense, and perhaps I can listen to them with objective ears? I honestly don't know, because these things are important and intent trumps sound any fukkn day in my book....but I'm unclear here. GNEIU are outsider black metal, a chaotic onslaught of aural misanthropy -  the meandering shoegazing of "Disobedient Spirit Of Wind" followed by the nonstop whirr "Breathtaking Taste of Enemy Blood" with no apparent direction other than total destruction. The shit is intense and introverted, but explosive and dangerous. LASCOWIEC are at least more understandable, if not digestible. Buried blasts of treble ridden agony, a call to harsh winters never known (c'mon man, these dudes are from the Bay Area), this is relentless, pained black metal in the most base and classic sense. It's also really weird sounding, so digest that info however you like. I don't know what either of these bands are like, what either of these bands believe, or what either of these bands are into, but I know that "Before The Birth Of Storm" is a super heavy track....so there's that. Metal is hard.

18 July 2014


Typically when people talk about punk comps as "starter kits," they mean: "here are some important bands from a particular region or genre." In this case, "starter kit" is actually referring to the very start of hardcore punk in Brasil. Included on this volume from the swell gents at B.C.T. are the seminal Sub comp (only the tail end, unfortunately, the rest is on Vol. I), the brilliantly rough O Começo do Fim do Mundo (recorded at Brasil's first major punk festival) and the debut EPs from OHLO SECO (Botas, Fuzis, Capacetes) and INOCENTES (Miséria e Fome) - unhinged power, legendary recordings. And I figure this will compliment the Virus Tropical post from a few months back....

I don't have Vol. I to share, but I bet the internet does....