24 November 2015


This thing being this good doesn't make any sense. "Chemical Drink" is the standout on a tape that sounds like a SPITS/DEVO mashup..."Sewer Rat" is a hyper active, erratic no wave number with a brooding chorus moaning "my life is over now"  just to remind you that they are sensitive. I like when I can't tell if a success is accidental or intentional, and that's definitely the case with KNOW SO, whose demo took the exit for Awesometown about three clicks from Suck City, USA. "No Patience" is pure brilliance - it's not the way I work, oh no, I got a lot of fukkn shit I wanna do - and it makes me think that they actually meant to do this. If they did, then these monkeys are fukkn geniuses.

Try internetting "KNOW SO" and you get some random shit for sure, but you can probably find more magic from these monkeys here...

1 comment:

Adrián Osorio said...

so apparently they burned some donuts place...
crazy sound.
gracias mago!